Damella of Sweden – making swimwear for 80 years

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Damella Swimsuit style 33509
Swimsuit Style 33509
Sizes 12-18
Price €82.95
Damella Swimsuit style 33635
Swimsuit Style 33635
Sizes 12-18
Price €85.00
Damella Style 33554
Tankini Style 33554
Sizes 12-18
Price €95.00

Damella of Sweden have been making swimwear for 80 years.  Damella is more than just a fashion swimwear designer, they make every kind of swimwear imaginable.  And that kind of breadth is a rare thing, especially when you see the amazing number of designs and the quality of each new piece they release. And that is the most amazing part about Damella, their quality that they maintain throughout all of this. They say that the the Scandinavian countries make some of the highest quality clothing in the world.  To see our full range of Damella swimwear and all the other brands we sell, call to our shop in Stillorgan Village. Whilst there, why not avail of a free fitting from one of our fitting experts.

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