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At Contour, we provide free walk in bra and swimwear fittings daily.   There are three dressing rooms that are constantly on the go. All our staff are trained fitters, and we provide hundreds of fittings per week.  As fitters we see lots of customers that come in with a bra they fit into instead of wearing a fitted bra.

To use an analogy – there are very few people that buy a pair of shoes without knowing their correct foot size.   Even allowing that you know your foot size – there are many different brands and they fit differently too.   A size five in one brand may fit you but you may need a bigger size in another.  Buying lingerie is no different – you need to know your size, but each brand can fit differently too.

So, what do we mean by a bra you fit into versus a fitted bra? A bra you fit into will have two main areas of difference.  They will affect how you look in that bra.  More importantly you are not getting the necessary support or lift that will help your posture.  A lot of what we see effects all breast sizes but for example purposes lets take a person that fits 34D.

Most of the time if the person has not been fitted before – they will arrive in a bra with a back size too large ie a 36 or 38.  This has the effect of the strap riding higher up the back – closer to the shoulder blades rather than going horizontally across the lower part of your back.  This is visible through your T shirt and blouse, but you may not be aware of it.  While it’s not unsightly – this bra is not offering you any support.  

The second visible effect is the cup size.  Normally the person will have a cup size too big or worse too small.  If wearing a C cup and it normally is a smaller cup size than the person being fitted thinks they are – this will create a visible bulge as the breast can’t fit into the cup properly.  This is also visible through a t shirt and blouse and can be unsightly as well as uncomfortable.

How does one compare the above to a fitted bra.  Let’s start with our brands.  We sell lingerie made by Chantelle, Fantasie, Passionata, Sloggi, Triumph and Wacoal that specialises in offering support and fit.  These brands spend a lot of money in research and development before launching new styles.  Even then – its only when that style hits the shops that fitters will know if it does what it’s supposed to do.  These days the success rate of new styles is much higher.  It has to be, because if our fitters don’t like a new style – it’s not offered to the customer.

We will offer our customers, once measured, as many of the different brands and styles as it takes for them to feel that they have the right style and fit.  The snug fit offers support and a wow factor for a lot of women.  “Wow look at me now” is a regular and rewarding comment we hear.

Like new shoes – the fit will become more comfortable and naturel to wear.  We regularly see customers walking in in a 38D bra and walk out in a 32F or similar.  We have no doubt that a well fitted bra is life changing and enhances posture and shape.  Don’t believe us – call in or book a free fitting online and see for yourself.

We offer our walk in fitting service during opening hours from 10am to 6pm.  We have recently added an option for a private fitting which is also free. Click here to see available bookings times.

If you can’t get to our shop – please visit our Fitting Advice page.  There are some helpful guidelines for how a correctly fitted bra should look.  There is also a guide to allow you to measure yourself.  If you have any further queries, please contact us. We are always happy to help with or answer any questions you may have.

This is a Fantasie Illusion bra – one of our best selling styles showing a good fitting back size.

Fantasie FL2982-NAE-primary-Fantasie-Illusion-Natural-Beige-Side-Support-Bra

This is a Fantasie Illusion bra – one of our best selling styles showing a good fitting cup size.

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