Product Care

Your new purchase of lingerie or swimwear deserves the special care required to keep it beautiful for longer.  All of the products we sell should be hand washed and always follow the care instructions on the label. 

Here are some Contour pointers for taking care of your new lingerie purchase

  • laces and embroideries will last much longer if washed gently by hand
  • Use warmish water and a small amount of detergent
  • immerse the lingerie and keep it moving but don’t wring it or rub it.
  • Rinse with clear warm water until all the detergent is gone.
  • Hang it out to dry or allow to dry on a flat surface ? never use a tumble drier or place on or near a heat source
  • Once dry ? it can be put away for next use without ironing.

Here are some Contour pointers for taking care of your new Swimwear purchase

  • Remove chlorine, saltwater, sunscreen products and perspiration directly after wearing by washing in warm water
  • Wring out carefully and leave to dry lying flat in the shade
  • Don’t rub the article over rough surfaces
  • When wearing ? avoid massage jets and intense UVA radiation
  • Be aware that fluorine colours might fade in chlorine or in the sun

Please note, we are unable to accept as faulty returned lingerie or swimwear where damage has been caused by not following the care instructions on the label.

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